7 tips for running Miami Marathon

Preparing for a very long run like the Miami Marathon can take a lot of work and time. But if you want to be like Gladys Tejeda and win the marathon, then you should prepare adequately and focus on some of the best marathon tips listed in this article. If you follow these to the letter, you will be able to get the much-wanted results in no time!

Set the best, healthiest expectations

When you enroll in something like the Miami Marathon, your primary focus should not be on winning the event. Instead, focus on conquering the distance and doing whatever you can to establish your marathon fitness. Make sure that you build up a lot of muscle mass and learn when you have to stop. It will be a tricky thing to do on your own, but it can be worth it.

Taper the training process

If you want to be like Gladys Tejeda and slash the Miami Marathon, then you will want to run as much as possible during training. But you should know that it’s a lot better to stay fresh for the race day. You still need to run quite a lot during training, but the idea is to have strong legs and a body that’s ready for the challenge that comes during the race day.

Your body needs lots of carbs

Whenever you have a run that lasts over 60 minutes, you need to have around 30 grams of carbs each 30-45 minutes. A small snack during the run will give you the fuel needed to reach the finish line rather quickly. That being said, you need to dilute those carbs with water to get the best outcome.

Always read labels on the sports drinks and chews

In case you want to use gels, use a few sips of water with them to get the best results, so take the gels when you are close to the water stops. In the case of chews, split the chews packs between multiple fueling stops. The sports drinks are good overall, but opt for those that have less sugar, as this will keep the stomach in check.

Select the right pre-run meals

Sure, fueling during the Miami Marathon is crucial, but you should also keep in mind that the pre-run meals are just as important. You need to opt for foods that have lots of fiber and a low amount of fat. A moderate amount of protein and a high amount of carbs will also help a lot here as well.

Study the course and avoid stress

You will need to study the Miami Marathon course the best way you can. Download the course map and try to familiarize with it. The reason why you should do this is that you want to have a dedicated mental strategy. This will make it easy for you to break the distance and you can also figure out where you can fuel up during the race as well. Also, try to stay away from stress. Ease your mind and opt for activities that relax your mind and body. After all, this is a crucial thing to do before the race!

Add some walking intervals while running

Why does this matter a lot? Because walking intervals will allow your body to recoup a little bit. Walking for a minute during each mile is great because it enables you to recover from the strenuous situation. Plus, this is a strategy that most runners, including Gladys Tejeda, end up using all the time.

While it can be a bit tricky to prepare for the Miami Marathon, these are some of the best ideas you can use at this time. With the right approach, you will be able to become the best runner, so you should take all these amazing ideas into consideration. Use them adequately, and you will have no problem winning the marathon as you see fit!

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